Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning: No Contaminants Left Behind

No matter the industry, running a safe and secure production process with minimal downtime is every organization’s aim. Deriving from upstream manufacturing processes are microscopic contaminants — the main cause of premature wear and breakdown of critical components. This disrupts productivity and halts profitability.

Consequently, investing in industrial ultrasonic precision cleaning equipment that comply with exacting cleanliness standards is inevitable. Wanting to achieve measurable ROI from production and its respective maintenance costs is only normal — but it will require more than just regular cleaning equipment.

Precision cleaning—the most crucial and final step before product assembly—utilizes state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning technology with ultimate precision, which is Invenpro Malaysia’s forte. Invenpro’s ultrasonic cleaning equipment use proprietary ultrasonic cavitation technology that removes even the toughest industrial contaminants. Furthermore, our Class 100 cleanroom-compliant ultrasonic cleaning equipment include Industry 4.0-ready factory-wide integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

However, our status quo-defying innovative engineering professionals define ‘state of the art’ differently. We integrate our cleaning solutions with innovative customizations — putting our products a class above.

Redefining Innovation

Invenpro Malaysia houses an elite team of innovative integrators with a burning passion to develop ultrasonic cleaning solutions that will drive success in the manufacturing line. Making a living in a fast-moving, highly technical and ever-changing environment has armed us with next-level creativity. This, in turn, has taught us that innovation can indeed be redefined.

Working with some of the world’s finest engineers, we have bettered some of the industry’s finest ultrasonic precision cleaning equipment through customization. Those include ultrasonic parts cleaners for HDDs (Hard Disc Drives), semiconductors, general electrical and electronics (E&E) products, and pharmaceutical products. This made us the leader of the ultrasonic cleaning industry in Malaysia and a partner of choice for organizations that are looking to rapidly advance their processes.

As always, before innovation comes proper and detailed planning. These are the 4 quadrants that will determine how much customization can be made.

Invenpro’s promise to apply only sound engineering principals still stands, even after almost two decades in the industry. Our devoted team of engineers are ever-ready to lead or support in terms of design, craft, and quality control. Think top-tier industrial cleaning technology, think Invenpro Malaysia.

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