A Modern-world Manufacturing Fundamental

Initially, industrial robots were only used to boost productivity. Recognizing the effectiveness of robots and robotic process automation systems, Invenpro went with their intuition and built various automated robotic systems that cater to the needs of a wide range of industries. Today, robotic process automation systems are manufacturing fundamentals. Without the involvement of robotic handling and inspection systems, assembly and quality control will be extremely labor intensive, resulting in poor consistency due to the inability of manual labor to perform machine-perfect work.

Equipping Manufacturers with State-of-the-art Technology

New, innovative features are carefully designed and rigorously tested before implementation. Invenpro’s diverse repertoire of state-of-the-art technologies is still steadily growing after almost two decades. Here’s how we do it.

Virtual Digital Twin

Before production, we will create a virtual digital twin to validate and optimize control logic and the Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Through virtual commissioning, we are able to run ‘what-if virtual simulations’ to reduce cause of error, and subsequently, develop strategies and fail-safe solutions. Furthermore, virtual digital twins are ideal for technical personnel training as there is ample room for error.

Application of both Integrated and Automated Engineering

As innovative engineering experts, we circumvented norms and made these two engineering disciplines work in tandem. We innovated a method that seamlessly and automatically implements process configuration tasks. It begins with the creation of Overall Software Standards & Architecture that facilitates an open interface for data exchanges. What makes the process swift and seamless is our proprietary technology that rapidly generates Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programs and Human Machine Interface (HMI) visualizations.

Establishment of Standardized Communication via I4.0/IoT OPC UA

Inside every piece of our equipment is a standardized machine communication protocol that rapidly establishes horizontal integration, namely OPC UA. With online validations, it promotes minimal errors, up-to-date comms and status report of the plant in the event of changes and integrated security via encrypted communication.

Cloud-based Services with Analytics Tools

All of our equipment are integrated with cloud-based services with analytics tools. It increases service efficiency, reduces downtime with user-specific alarm function and boosts maintenance efficiency via predictive maintenance. Ultimately, it significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

Game-changing Manufacturing Technology

Essentially, Invenpro’s automated robotic systems are on a different level. These are the high-tech unique features that make them different from the bunch.

Smart Sensors

All of our industrial robots come with in-built smart sensors that are seamlessly connected to the internet. It provides a 24/7 live feed and real-time data to the cloud for analysis.

Advanced Materials

To further strengthen the structural integrity of various critical components, we opted for advanced materials such as nanoparticles, lightweight composites, carbon nanotubes, various self-healing materials and biomaterials.

Articulated Robot (6-Axis) with Vision Guided System

6 axis articulated robot Invenpro Malaysia

These unique features are what made our Articulated Robot (6-Axis) with Vision Guided System the marvel it is. This ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom-ready robot is a robotic handling and inspection system with the highest speed and precision in the market.

Compact Adhesive Cell with UR10 Collaborative Robot

compact adhesive cell with UR10 collaborative robot Invenpro Malaysia

What is a collaborative robot? The utilization of collaborative robots in manufacturing all started when manufacturing processes became a fusion of intricacy and perfection. What is the role of a collaborative robot in this scenario? Collaborative robots allow human involvement at any point of time during the process, combining the thoughtfulness of humans and consistency of machines.

Invenpro’s cutting-edge Compact Adhesive Cell is the equipment of choice of Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz assembly plant in Russia that was inaugurated by President Vladimir Putin himself. Minimal training is required, as our technology leverages on the UR10 Collaborative Robot and Siemens Simatic S7-1500 Series Fail-safe CPUs. With minimum maintenance and our in-built proprietary Smart Centering Table technology, it’s no surprise that our equipment are qualified for Daimler’s global supply chain.

Meeting Stringent Global Safety Standards

All of Invenpro’s automated robotic systems meet the most stringent global safety standards, namely IEC 60204-1/EN 60204, EN ISO 12100 and EN ISO 13849. Think globally sought after top-notch manufacturing equipment, think Invenpro Malaysia.

Our Innovative Products

Cleanroom Robots

6-Axis Articulated Robot with highest speed & precision for handling & inspection in ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom.