Precision Cleaning Equipment

Standard & customized Precision Cleaning Equipment for HARD DISC, Semiconductor, Flat Glass/Screen & General Industries.

Industrial Automation

Automation Technology, Customized Robotics handling & Transfer, Automated Inspection System & Smart Conveyor System.

Life Science

Engineering Design, Project Management for Process & Instrumentation equipment: Autoclave, Retort, Sterlizer in accordance to ASME code.

Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning

How does Ultrsonic Cleaning Work? Ultrasonic cleaning is a very efficient form of cleaning where dirt particles are completely and rapidly removed from a variety of objects.

Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning

About Invenpro

Since our inception in 2003, it has been our promise to stay true to being the Innovative Engineering Professionals you could always count on.

We are part of a small elite group of solution providers around the globe offering world-class products and services ranging from precision cleaning, automation systems and manufacture of life science equipments.

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Products & Services

Hot Air Dryer

PLC & SCADA Control System

Filteration System

Electro Polished Piping

High Speed Linear Motor Handling System

Servo Controlled Robotic Grantry System

Chemical Dosing System

Pfa / Ptfe Process Piping

Precision Linear Module



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